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We strive for E-shop development across the globe

In today’s interconnected world, e-shop development has the power to unleash the global potential of businesses. With a well-designed and user-friendly e-commerce platform, businesses can transcend geographical boundaries and cater to an international customer base.


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Briefkin works with experts in the area of online commerce that will guide you step by step in this wonderful world.


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Grow without limits with
Latest integrated marketing tools.

A good well-orchestrated online marketing

Sales funnels and landing pages for Boosting Conversions

A good well-orchestrated online marketing strategy will allow you to significantly increase your conversion rates from prospects to leads. Briefkin develops sites based on calls to actions. a rewarding experience for your customers and a customized solution for your company.


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We create powerful technologies that are successful because they help organizations play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

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The Briefkin team provides excellent support, listens to their users & continually works to improve their product.

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Brieftech solutions revolutionized our system. The App integration, user-friendly interface, and advanced security.

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We have been working with Briefkin since 2009 on several IT projects. i am very satisfied with our engagement.

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Security solutions

Ciber security engine. Secure Your Ship

Next, fortify your ship’s digital walls by implementing robust security measures. Start with a reliable firewall that acts as a gatekeeper, monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic.


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Unleashing the Power of AI: Perfecting Chatty Bot Interactions.

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Enhancing Conversations: AI and Chatty Bots Join Forces.

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Ai Integration & chats support bots

Enhancing Conversations: AI and Chatty Bots Join Forces. AI integration and chatty bots have created the perfect chat duo, bringing smiles and happiness to users around the globe.


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Briefkin helps businesses big and small do great things. New efficient and measurable Apps for the growth of your business. Do it all with Briefkin.

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mayo 18, 2023

Groing Up With Marketing Integration Tools

Grow without limits with Latest integrated marketing tools. if we talk about digital marketing we have to talk about strategies, networks and above all databases, this is the key to the new integrated marketing, it seeks to obtain prospects, convert them into leads, through calls to action and simultaneously, create a base of data that allows us to interact with them. And the general purpose of the strategies is to sell, although there are also brand positioning strategies, product launches, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing. And one of the most important content marketing. View Details

Enhancing Conversations: AI and Chatty Bots Join Forces!

Imagine having a conversation with a bot that not only understands your every word but also responds with incredible accuracy and empathy. That’s the power of AI integration combined with chatty bots. By incorporating artificial intelligence into chat platforms, these bots are able to analyze user input, understand context, and provide personalized responses.

This not only enhances the overall conversation experience but also makes interactions more efficient and seamless. AI integration allows chatty bots to continuously learn and improve, ensuring that each conversation is better than the last. View Details

A good well-orchestrated online marketing strategy

Funnel or conversion funnel, the new era of optimized online marketing, is within reach of your projects, landing pages, optimized for effective sales pitch with high lead capture. View Details

Reimagining the power of software

With Briefkin you can keep inventories, make promotions, manage your shipments, add new items, create product carousels and many more options integrated into a single platform easy to use, both for the end consumer and for the store administrator. View Details

Unlock Digital Sales Success!

Briefkin develops online stores 100% adaptable, with a powerful interface created for smartphones that will facilitate the purchase process and shipping of your products in an easy, fast and secure way. View Details

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AI Support Automation For Business Success.

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Briefkin helps businesses big and small do great things. 🙌🏼New efficient and measurable Apps 🔥for the growth of your business❤️Do it all with Briefkin.

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