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junio 18, 2023

Each brand creates a universe with its own laws, built from an idea. A vision, an experience

We generate powerful ideas that succeed because they help organizations play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Tailor-made online store

Our e-commerce platform is tailored to your needs and adapts to your needs and those of your customers, with Briefkin you can keep inventories, make promotions, manage your shipments, add new items, create product carousels and many more options integrated into a single platform easy to use, both for the end consumer and for the store administrator.

Briefkin works with experts in the area of online commerce that will guide you step by step in this wonderful world. With our integrated marketing and e-commerce platform, you will be able to generate bold campaigns that will captivate your audience.

«go online shopping»

We want the shopping experience to be irresistible.

How to influence the purchase decision of a user in our online store, what are the determining factors for a potential prospect to reach our shopping cart, what is a call to action and how do they play a fundamental role in the new integrated marketing strategies? What is a call to action and how they play a fundamental role in the strategies of the new integrated marketing, are just some of the questions that arise when we decide to venture into this wonderful universe of E-commerce.

All these questions and many more will be solved by our specialists who will take you step by step in the development of your online store and will give you the 24/7 support that your company requires.

Briefkin develops online stores 100% adaptable, with a powerful interface created for smartphones that will facilitate the purchase process and shippoin of your products in an easy, fast and secure way.

We generate powerful ideas that succeed because they help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

If we talk about e-commerce, better known as electronic commerce and how to achieve or increase your sales in an effective and profitable way, we must talk, of course, about Internet strategies, here we come to an important starting point based on 3 basic premises that are fundamental to the success of an online store. Simple, attractive but effective.

Success Stories

During the growth process of our company we knew that the most important thing today was to have a database of our customers, with which we could be in contact with them easily and efficiently, send them information about new products, discounts, collections or just say hello . briefkin’s integrated marketing tools made this process a lot easier for us. now our database is more solid than ever and it keeps growing. Continue Reading

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