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We Create e-shop Tailored To Your Individual Needs.

Reimagining the power of software

With Briefkin you can keep inventories, make promotions, manage your shipments, add new items, create product carousels and many more options integrated into a single platform easy to use, both for the end consumer and for the store administrator.

The software of tomorrow, today

Briefkin develops online stores 100% adaptable, with a powerful interface created for smartphones that will facilitate the purchase process and shipping of your products in an easy, fast and secure way.

a good well-orchestrated online marketing strategy

Funnel or conversion funnel, the new era of optimized online marketing, is within reach of your projects, landing pages, optimized for effective sales pitch with high lead capture.

Briefkin connects

Just a click away between your customers and your products.

BriefKin offers today’s organizations the best multimedia tools to help them strategically build their brand.

julio 5, 2023

We manage development environments that promote the growth of your projects.

Our specialty is to offer dynamic and multiplataform content that generates success in the impact of your projects.

Without limits!

As a global network operating in the area of communications information technologies, Biefkin offers an unparalleled combination of award-winning creativity, strategic insight and innovation worldwide, generating powerful ideas that succeed because they help brands play a meaningful role in people's lives. We strive to establish seamless and effective communication between businesses and their audiences, helping our clients drive brand growth across disciplines, media platforms, technologies and languages without geographic boundaries.

BriefKIN operates within a global network of agencies that excel in the implementation and development of new digital applications. Our efforts are focused on the systematic creation of products that respond to the new technological scenarios demanded by organizations and their brands. We develop applications tailored to your needs. We help you in the identification and dissemination of innovation processes that organizations require.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

Briefkin is a leading company in the development of custom applications in USA that offers a set of development services for clients of all sizes.

See what we have done for our happy clients

Just a click away between your customers and your products. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us , We would love to discuss on your project.

Briefkin helps organizations develop a unique language. Always in the process of building an innovative and remarkable look and feel.

we invent the language your customer understands

Each brand creates a universe with its own laws, built from an idea. A vision, an experience.
Our work helps brands to create their own language.

Briefkin Connects

We provide you with teams connected to communities in different areas that will help you create impressions that will positively impact people's lives. Prospects or future customers of your brands.

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